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A Note from McKenzie and Jude

Doing the calf scramble and getting a calf was such an honor. The calf scramble committee was so awesome they were definitely the life of the party. And getting to see the Brooks and Dunn concert has always been a dream of mine and I must say that was a day to remember. Lets be honest what kid wouldn’t want to their first concert after scoring a calf at the Houston calf scramble.

For being my first year raising and showing cattle I can definitely say it was not easy, nor did I expect the strong connection with my steer within the first 3 days. I did face a lot of obstacles and challenges but managed to overcome all of them. This is something I hope I can be apart of my entire life I love challenging myself and reaching new goals. In the future I will definitely be showing for the rest of high school.

I did not realize how hard this was going to be but it was honestly worth it, the opportunities and surprises are endless. It was super expensive and I can definitely say the pockets are empty, but again totally worth it. This project has taught me that life is full of responsibilities on a day to day basis. Showing cattle has always been a dream of mine and I am glad to finally be doing it. I honestly thought this was going to be easy because of how much energy I have but I was sadly proven wrong.

I grew up around animals so I have always had a thing for animals as soon as I met my steer I new I was going to hate selling him. Me and my steer almost instantly made a connection. We both have our days when we do not want to do anything but we make each other happy.

Everyone in the school barn helps out if you do not know what to do they are all awesome. This entire project has been so exciting, and I love it so much. I started off with a bunny and upgraded to a calf and I am not going to lie its one of my proudest achievements. Being able to be involved in the rodeo in Texas is a big opportunity I am super glad to have. Like oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh !!! I am so happy to be doing this! I have big plans to do something involving animals in the future I just don’t know what to do but definitely doing something with agriculture. I love everything y’all do with sponsors and the amazing show you members perform every year with bull riding all the way down to showing chickens I love it all.

I want to thank Houston for my amazing experience with the calf scramble and my first show calf. I had so much fun and plan on continuing the fun for the rest of my life any chance I get. I will definitely be sponsoring Houston in the future.

-mckenzie mathis aka #17

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